Young & Yonder Spirits, an artisan craft distillery led by a husband and wife team, is based in Sonoma County, California. We are young, full of ambition and left our homes and careers in San Francisco to move up yonder, off the grid in Sonoma to pursue our dream of building a craft distillery and to make great spirits.

From grain to shelf, we belabor every detail for quality and continually strive to innovate, trying out new, novel techniques, flavors and experimentations to create exceptional distilled products for all to enjoy.





Joshua Opatz, Young & Yonder's co-founder and master distiller, grew up surrounded by artisan wine making and premium wines.  Son of a wine maker and viticulturist,  Josh developed a deep appreciation for the artisan craft of wine making and wanted to bring that passion and experience to a new frontier through distilled spirits. After a decade in banking and finance, and after getting an MBA in entrepreneurship, Josh shifted his career interest and started Young & Yonder to focus on something more tangible, something prideful, something that he could happily pursue and perfect for the rest of his life, high-quality craft spirits.


Sarah Opatz

Sarah Opatz, Young & Yonder's co-founder, distiller, graphic designer and lead of marketing, has a passion for both design and craft spirits. With professional experience in public relations, advertising and design, and with an MFA in graphic design, Sarah creates the packaging and all  branding elements for the Young & Yonder's brand portfolio.  Originally from Denver, Colorado, Sarah is no stranger to the craft beverage movement. Her background, passion, and experience with craft beverages makes her the perfect co-pilot and bartender for the tasting room of Young & Yonder Spirits.


Shane Harlan

Shane Harlan is Young & Yonder's most recent addition. Step-brother of Josh, Shane also grew-up in the world of winemaking. After studying enology and chemistry at Fresno state, he moved on to work for several wineries in the Sonoma County area, and during this time also dabbled in homebrewing and winemaking. Shane is now head of day-to-day distilling operations and can often be seen in the Y/Y Spirits' lab working on new experimentations.